July 16th, Monday, 2018   
Economic miracles do exist but only in the works of economic historians. At the very moment when an economic miracle occurs the society considers it to be some trifling matter.
Address of Vladimir Mau

Contemporary education can only be efficient if it is focused on its application in practice and if it takes into account changes in the world and national markets. A today’s specialist is to be able to work and succeed under the constantly changing market conditions as well as be ready to face any risks.

That is why our goal is to develop leadership qualities and abilities to make management solutions among students. Due to such approach our graduates are able to succeed in all the business and politics areas. They become heads of states and regions, manage the Russian largest companies and corporations, and integrate our country into the world community with confidence.   

Our Academy was founded as an elite school of managers. Nowadays, we strive for a respectable position in the world community in business-education and for holding leadership in the area of training of personnel with the highest qualifications for the Russian economy.

It is insufficient for a modern manager to have classical education in the post-industrial society. He has to continuously improve his qualifications to fit with the market time and requirements. That is precisely why the Academy offers a full course of education for different levels’ specialists: – from the courses of higher (bachelor, specialist, and master) to the courses of additional and postgraduate education (post-graduate courses and doctorial candidacy courses). Moreover, we are the first in the national market to begin the realization of MBA program – this is a standard degree in business-education worldwide.

As of today the Academy is realizing joint projects with the Bank of Europe and the World Bank of reconstruction and development, the British Council, the United States Agency of International Development as well as with the leading Western business-schools. This allows us to be always aware of all the changes and influence the creation of new lines in the world market of education, and to remain appropriate to the situation created every time. We strive for the development of innovative programs and search of new forms and methods of education according to the market demand and requirements. 

Moreover, it is very important for us to play the role of the platform that unites the power and business. That is exactly why we organize constant workshops and conferences on the Academy basis as well as carry out periodic studies, prepare analytical projects by the order of the Government and the leading business companies. 
We are sure that business-education development is the basis of economic prosperity of the country and we firmly stick to that position!

Vladimir Alexandrovich Mau